Cumulus Max™ Drill Punch Locator

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Make drilling super easy and work with absolute precision, just like a professional!


Drilling holes for your works and projects could be a tough and time-consuming task; especially, it requires a precise measurement for hole drilling. When you need to make evenly spaced and precise drill holes in lesser time with precision, this is the tool for you - Cumulus Max™ Drill Punch Locator.



Cumulus Max™ Drill Punch Locator helps you to create precise and perfect spaced holes in a split second! You will love how easy-to-use our tool is. It's ideal for professional use, crafts, home projects, and more!



Doors, drawers, timber flooring installation, and DIY projects that require hole drilling are prone to deviation and mistake. Cumulus Max™ Drill Punch Locator offers you a more efficient and precise installation, with less waste. Built to improve the quality of work when drilling hole positions for cabinet handles, pulls, and knobs, but can use in many other areas.




  • Time-Saving - Set it up once and use it repeatedly with no further measurements. Installation time reduced by more than 70%.
  • Reduce waste and mistakes - Hardened steel will help eliminate drilling mistakes with the hole for the drill bit, and that the bit is going into the right spot without deviation. 
  • Adjustable -  This device comes with vertical and horizontal positioning available for combined drilling. Also set for high precision for broader and greater adjustment possibilities! 
  • Easy to assemble - It can be split into small parts, making it convenient to carry anywhere. Specially designed to let you measure out perfect hole positions for many different purposes. Removable parts, rapid assembly, super easy!
  • Multi-purpose - A multi-purpose template jig for precise installation - absolute hole positions for cabinet handles, pulls, knobs, and many more! It comes in both metric and inches double measurement, making it convenient to use!




  • Front-mounted clamp handle, making it easier to be fixed
  • Drill guide for ensuring accurate alignment when drilling holes on the wood
  • Removable drill guide blocks, easy to assemble
  • ABS engineering plastic and aluminum alloy material, durable, and lightweight.
  • Convenient to use, keep, and carry



  • Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy
  • Package weight: 420g
  • Package size: 41.00 x 12.00 x 5.00 cm / 16.14 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cumulus Max™ Drill Punch Locator