Cumulus Max™ Telescopic Invisible Wire Clothesline

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Are you feeling disorganized and overwhelmed with bulky drying rack in limited space?


It is time to say goodbye to a bulky drying rack and stay organized in your living space! Our Cumulus Max™ Telescopic Invisible Wire Clothesline is space-saving, compact, and elegant.



Clutter could play a significant role in how we feel about our homes and ourselves. Messy homes leave us feeling overwhelmed, stress, and helpless. Yet, clutter rarely recognized as a significant source of stress in our lives.

Cumulus Max™ Telescopic Invisible Wire Clothesline is the most refreshing space-saving solution for your clothes-drying needs.



It features an easy-to-use retractable clothesline hanger, and it stores neatly away when not in use. It is a perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor use. It helps to solve the clothes-drying clutter problem instantly.



  • Space-saving and Easy to Storage: Though it's significant when expanded, you can easily store it in any corner, closet, or laundry room.
  • Retractable: Adjustable stainless steel line extends, easily retracts for storage and space-saving. It's easy to withdraw it when you need to move the clothesline back to its case for secure storage.
  • Invisible: Minimalist and elegant modern look are decorative and hidden on the wall.
  • Durable and Rustproof: It comes with retractable bold stainless string, makes the item rustless and corrosion from daily use.
  • Widely Applicable: Easily adjusted to different lengths according to your room size. Its compact design makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor limited space.
  • Easy Installation: Install with glue or screws; you can choose whatever installation you like. Simply drill or stick to mount it on the wall.


  • Simply extend the line and hook it to the opposing wall latch for ample drying space.
  • The durable plastic body pulls out to a maximum of 4.2 meters (13.8ft) braided steel string.
  • It includes the case unit and mountable fastening.
  • Retractable clothesline for convenient clean-up.
  • It can install on Tile, Board, Metal Surface, Ceramic, Non-paint walls, flat-smooth surface.
  • It can use in the bathroom, shower room, laundry room, balcony, college hostel room, patio, etc.




  • Size: 8 x 6 x 11cm (3.1in x 2.4in x 4.3in)
  • Clothesline Length: 4.2 Meter (13.8ft)
  • Maximum Load: 20kg (44lb)
  • Drying Rack Shape: Round with clip-type
  • Installation Method: Wall-mounted
  • Quantity: 1 x Cumulus Max™ Telescopic Invisible Wire Clothesline