Touchless Smart Faucet Sensor

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Have you ever known that faucet handles are one of the places with the most germs? 


This amazing Touchless Smart Faucet Sensor uses infrared sensor technology to cut down on how much you touch your faucet! It's touch-free!



Who doesn't want a touchless smart faucet? This evolutionary automatic touchless faucet will keep your family clean while saving water in the most intelligent way possible. Besides, they're cool, as their motion sensors always give you some sort of a smart, modern techy feeling.


You don't have to be a techie with a hygiene OCD to find them useful!


  • Touchless - When placing your hands within the range of the sensor windows, the valve will pull open, allowing water to flow through the spout. 
  • Avoid the Spread of Germs or Contamination - You no longer have to worry about spreading germs and grease from your hands all over the place before reaching the rinsing part.
  • Water-Saving - Water dispensing starts as it senses your presence and stops as you leave. 
  • Helps Maintain Cleanliness - Eliminating the need to touch the faucet to rinse your hands and dishes significantly limits germs' circulation.
  • Easy & Quick Installation - You don't have to replace your old faucet. You can do the installation by yourself, even if you have no experience in plumbing.
  • Compact & Small - It's only half the size of a palm so that it won't take a lot of space. Its simple design is also suitable for all kinds of household.




  • Comes with 6 Mounting Adapters - Touchless Smart Faucet Sensor has full compatibility to cater to almost any faucet tips!
  • Chargeable with USB - The battery will fully charge within hours, which can run for over 6 months. 
  • Infrared Sensing Technology - Touchless Smart Faucet Sensor detects your presence with infrared sensing technology to let you control touch-free, clean water dispense easily!
  • Dual Induction - The dual sensor mechanism lets you dispense water in 2 different modes within 0.25 seconds of quick sensing, enhancing smart living in every possible way!
  • Control Water Flow - Touchless Smart Faucet Sensor will increase the ratio of air within the water flow, making the water gentler and effective at cleaning! 




  • Weight: 105 g (0.23 lb)
  • Dimensions: 60 mm (2.4 in) x 34 mm (1.3 in) x 49 mm (1.9 in)
  • Sensor active parameter: 0-5 cm (0-2 in) for side sensor; 0-10 cm (0-3.9 in) for bottom sensor
  • Standby energy spending: ≤0.2 mW
  • Working water temperature: ≤75 degree celsius
  • Working discharge: 0.05 - 0.8 MPa


Package Included:

  • 1 x Infrared Induction Water Saving Device For Faucet
  • 1 x Installation Wrench
  • 3 x Seal Rings
  • 6 x Adapters
  • 1 x User Manual