Cumulus Max™ 3D Rainbow Window Film​​​​​​

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Here’s a Bright Way to Make Your Home as Colorful as the Rainbow


Now it is the best time ever to embellish your windows with our Cumulus Max™ 3D Rainbow Window Film and send a burst of color into your home. 



This window sticker creates a stained glass design and the rainbow 3D effect that maintain your privacy, protect you from strong sunlight, and shield you against harmful UV rays. Stronger and intense sunlight, the better and colorful of the rainbow!

It’s an easy and affordable alternative to blinds and curtains. Unique pattern, only sell in our store, Cumulus Max!




Social Distancing Update: We added some options for you to REDUCE the price even more by purchasing more than 1 film. It's the best time to stay social distancing and upgrade your home. We wish you and your family safe and happy during this pandemic. Click the "promotion" tab for more information.



  • Unique décor for your windows: Creates a stained glass pattern.
  • Creates beautiful 3D rainbow visual effect: See decorative 3D patterns when the sun shines through the window.
  • Protects against harmful rays: Blocks out 84% UVA and 99% UVB rays.
  • Semi-private window film: Offers privacy protection.
  • Removable: Glue-free design that firmly sticks to the window.
  • Reusable: You can peel it off and reuse it multiple times.
  • Surface: Work best on a clean, flat, and smooth window surface.





We suggest you create a wetting solution by adding 8 drops of very mild detergent (like baby shampoo) to spray on the window to apply it.



Size: 45cm x 100 cm x 1 film (17.7in x 39.4in x 1 film), 60cm x 200cm x 1 film (23.6in x 78.7in x 1 film)
Material: PVC



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